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Name Bowes, Frank

Associated Records

Image of 1959.019.005 - Bannerstone

1959.019.005 - Bannerstone

This is a First Nations-made banner stone, from the Fred Birch Collection. The thorough hole would have been hand-drilled. Its slate stone has a greyish colouration. It is likely very old, perhaps from the Laurentian or Middle Archaic culture? See RELATED for other items collected by Mr. Birch. Bannerstones are now thought to have had some use in regards to providing atlatl weights for spears.

Image of 1959.019.002 - Wreath, Floral

1959.019.002 - Wreath, Floral

White woollen wreath in a shadow box. The flowers are made from white unspun wool or cotton which has been combed into sheets and lacquered on one side. These sheets have been folded and cut into petals and other shapes which make up the flowers. There are leaves worked into the wreath as well, some are green, some are brown (may be real leaves which have been lacquered). The centers of the flowers have multi-coloured spun wool in them as well as wire stamens.

Image of 1959.019.006 - Gorget

1959.019.006 - Gorget

Remnant of a stone age slate gorget (First Nations artifact), from the Fred Birch Collection of Grey County. This item is only partial. A display drawing mount has been provided to suggest what it would look like in entirety. It is a smoothly-ground stone item. It might be called banded slate by collectors. The hole would have been drilled by hand. Originally, the item would have had two holes. The slate is now faded. - -