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Name Jackson, George
Born 1809
Birthplace Hutton, Yorkshire, England
Places of residence Collingwood Township and Meaford, Canada West
Durham, Canada West (Grey County, Ontario)
Titles & honors Warden of Grey County
M.P. (Member of Parliament)
Father ?
Mother ?
Nationality English
Notes In 1848, George Jackson was a Crown Land Agent at Durham, Canada West, in what would become Durham, Grey County. Mr. Jackson was prominent in the development of that village, and Durham was named after his English birthplace. He was a Liberal and ran against the Conservative candidates, Charles Rankin (a land surveyor) and Richard Carney (a newspaperman / printer). He was pro-secularization of the Clergy Reserves, which displeased some of his political friends. He was elected to the Parliament of Canada in 1854. He did not run in 1857. In 1861, he switched to the Conservatives in order to regain office.

In 1866, it was noted in a newspaper that Mr. Jackson had introduced a bill re authorizing the construction of a harbour at the mouth of Owen Sound's river (Owen Sound's harbour area used to have sandbars/obstructions that needed to be dredged out).

In 1867, George Jackson was elected to Parliament for Grey South with only a majority of 13. In 1878, he was elected again.

A biographical sketch of him in an 1880 source mentioned that he was a M.P. for "Grey South". He was prominently involved in the first settlement of Meaford, as well as the Town of Durham, where he then resided. He was born in Hutton, Yorkshire, England, in 1809, came to Canada in 1844, and after carrying on a milling business for several years at Collingwood and Meaford, was appointed Crown Lands Agent in 1848 for Grey and Bruce, removing then to Durham. He was District Councillor for Bentinck and Glenelg [townships] in 1849, and first Reeve of Bentinck when the Municipal Act came into operation. He retained this office for a great many years by successive re-elections, and during the period of such incumbency he was Warden of the County of Grey for five years, three of which were consecutive. He was the first parliamentary representative of the County of Grey when it became an independent County and separate electoral division...."

"George Jackson and his wife both died in 1885 and their son David Jackson inherited the property. In 1886, David Jackson married an English girl on a trip back to England, and on his return to Durham proceeded to add to the construction of the cottage". [The Jackson residence at Durham was called "The Maples"]. Mr. and Mrs. David Jackson only had one child, a Mrs. A. Seymour, who later lived at California. She was Mrs. Christine Seymour (nee Jackson).

Archival Items:
-Image of George Jackson (986.5.52N) at the Grey County Archives
-Oil paintings of Mr. and Mrs. Jackson are in the Grey Roots collection

Occupation Miller
Crown Land Agent (19th-c)
Politician / Member of Parliament
Warden of Grey County (1858, 1859, 1860, 1863, 1875)
Publications Sources:
-Marsh, Edith, A HISTORY OF THE COUNTY OF GREY, 1931, pp. 182, 330-334.
-"Political History of Grey is Varied But Interesting", THE OWEN SOUND DAILY SUN-TIMES, July 1, 1927 OLD HOME WEEK edition
-"The Jackson Cottage", an architectural study by R. Wilson
-Belden H., Illustrated Historical Atlas re Grey County (1880) has an illustration portrait of George Jackson when he was a M.P.
-OWEN SOUND TIMES, July 13, 1866, page 2.

Role Politician
Spouse Susan Jackson
Children David Jackson

Associated Records

Image of 1958.001.002 - Painting

1958.001.002 - Painting

Oil portrait on canvas of George Jackson, once a Crown Land Agent at Durham, Ontario in 1848 and in 1854, an MP. There is a dark background, with a red drapery effect. The subject is portrayed seated from the thighs upward with black hair and muttonchop whiskers. He has brown eyes. His collar and cravat are black, and he is wearing a dark coat. His face, white shirt front and hand are seemingly illuminated against the contrast of the dark background.

Image of 1958.001.003 - Painting

1958.001.003 - Painting

Oil on canvas portrait of Susan Jackson (d. 1885) of Durham, Ontario. The subject is posed seated in a green/black dress and is shown from the thighs upward. The sleeves are large, with a plain, tight style on the forearm. Her right hand is bared and displays three rings. She is wearting a wide belt (with something bright tucked into it). A jewelry pin tops her bodice, and a lace shawl rests on her shoulders. She is a brunette with blue eyes. Her face and hair observed are quite detailed. She has a white bonnet with pink floral decoration. The background is dark with a red drapery effect.