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Name Rice, Gilbert
Birthplace Grey County
Places of residence Massie, Grey County
Owen Sound, Grey County
Father George Gilbert Rice (b. 1892-d. 1964)
Mother Jessie M. Rice (nee Root)
Nationality Canadian
Education Massie School
Chatsworth Continuation School?
Notes Gilbert Rice, a retired firefighter and mechanic, worked in Owen Sound, Grey County, and he enjoys vintage automobiles. He helped save the 1923 LaFrance fire engine when it was in need of a home and therefore it was in the collection of the County of Grey-Owen Sound Museum for a long while (it was returned later to the City of Owen Sound in 2002). He had worked for the Owen Sound Fire Department circa 1969. He was one of the O.S.F.D. who attended the Bata Shoe Store fire on March 14, 1969 along main street in Owen Sound. This fire almost turned into a tragedy, as 15 firefighters were injured when a floor collapsed. Gilbert was almost the next fellow to go in, but when the floor went he fortunately wasn't trapped and was pulled back to safety by another firefighter. The others were rescued.

He is a founding member of the Bluewater Branch of the Antique and Classic Car Club of Canada. This branch was formed in 1966 (six years after the Car Club of Canada was formed). He also has volunteered at the County of Grey-Owen Sound Museum in past years, as a museum board member, and by demonstrating and interpreting vintage cars. He also assisted the Grey Roots Museum and Archives when it was establishing the "George Rice" Blacksmith Shop project on site.

Gilbert grew up in Massie, in Holland Township. His father was a blacksmith, farrier and woodworker there. In 1947, the Rice family lost one of the sons, William Edward (Ted) Rice, who was thirteen years old. While filling up a car tank with gasoline, he accidentally caught on fire. Gilbert tried to save his brother, managed to get him into a nearby pond, but Ted died in hospital later on.

Gilbert became a firefighter in 19__.

Gilbert and Evelyn Rice attended Central United Church at 855 3rd Ave. East for a long time. This church closed in 1994, and was demolished in May, 1995.
Occupation -Mechanic
-Owen Sound Fire Department (Retired Firefighter)
-Founding Member of the Bluewater Branch of the Antique & Classic Car Club of Canada
-Museum Volunteer
-Member of Central United Church at Owen Sound
Publications SIRENS ACROSS THE SOUND: AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF THE OWEN SOUND FIRE DEPARTMENT, 2006, pp.74, 127-128 (shows Gilbert with the 1923 La France fire engine he helped save)
"Dinner Pays Tribute to Passmores", OWEN SOUND SUN-TIMES, May 21, 1980, has an image of Gilbert & Evelyn Rice presenting a gift to Reverend Robert Passmore of Central United Church.
"Vintage Vehicles Ready to Roll", OWEN SOUND SUN-TIMES, Tuesday, June 23, 2015, p. A3, has image including Gilbert Rice.
Relationships Brothers:
Brian Rice
Jack Rice
William Edward (Ted) Rice (b. 1934-d. 1947)
Sister: Lois Rice (m. ____)
Sister: Yvonne Rice (m.__________)
Uncle: Peter Root
Role Tradesperson
Spouse Evelyn

Associated Records

Image of 1969.075.001 - Stretcher, Fence Wire

1969.075.001 - Stretcher, Fence Wire

Hand forged wire stretcher, made at Massie, Grey County by George Rice. One end has an iron ring.

Image of 1974.066.001 - Doubletree

1974.066.001 - Doubletree

One metal and wood doubletree. The two whiffletrees are metal.

Image of 1975.098.005 - Whip

1975.098.005 - Whip

Leather horse whip, formerly used by firefighters at Owen Sound when the fire department had horse-drawn fire wagons in service.

Image of 1991.021.010 - Pull, Wheel

1991.021.010 - Pull, Wheel

Wheel pull (a simple all-metal tool used to loosen an automobile wheel hub), 1920s. Iron cup with set screw (clamps tightly to an auto's wheel hub in order to loosen it). No maker's identification. Threaded interior.

Image of 1991.021.003 - Plug, Spark

1991.021.003 - Plug, Spark

SPLITDORF spark plug, likely a 1920s item. This spark plug has a white porcelain insulator. The Splitdorf trademark as well as "1" are printed in black on the insulator. The metal section of this spark plug is a dull grey colour, with a threaded end.

Image of 1991.021.004 - Grinder, Valve

1991.021.004 - Grinder, Valve

Hand-cranked valve grinder, 1920s. This valve-grinding tool is somewhat reminiscent of a bit brace (one operates it by using hand power). It has a wooden knob handle at the top of a broad cylinder. A piece of wire is currently wrapped around this wooded knob. There is also a wooden knob handle to the crank which extends from the center of this cylinder. There is a thin shank that is tipped with a working end which would have once been attached to a small rubber cup.

Image of 1991.021.006 - Tester, Battery

1991.021.006 - Tester, Battery

BLACKSTONE automotive battery cell tester. This battery cell tester has a blue, wooden grip handle with four scored rings near the end. Extending out of the handle are two metal prongs, connected with a small gauge and a strip of crimped metal. The gauge has a blue, cylindrical case with a clear, glass face. Under the glass, the face is white, red, and green, with black text. This text reads, "BAD/ WEAK/ GOOD/ CELL TESTER." It was manufactured by the Blackstone Mfg. Co., of Chicago, Illinois.

Image of 1991.021.007 - Wrench, Socket

1991.021.007 - Wrench, Socket

7/8 inch socket wrench. This wrench has a hexagonal shank with an elbow bend. The socket can be removed. There is no visible maker's identification.

Image of 1991.021.009 - Iron, Soldering

1991.021.009 - Iron, Soldering

Soldering copper (soldering iron), 1920s. This soldering copper has a wooden handle (rectangular-ended). . The point on the head is relatively blunt (worn down with time and use?) and appears to be cleaner and shinier than the rest of the metal. The metal rod shank extending from the handle is a bifurcated one (splits into two to hold the lug. This soldering copper has "4" impressed. The maker's name is only partially seen and looks like "The Brown..." [Hamilton?]

Image of 1991.021.013 - Wrench, Socket

1991.021.013 - Wrench, Socket

Double-ended 1/2" and 5/8" socket wrench. This wrench has hexagonal sockets. The shank has an elbow curve on either end, leading up to the sockets. "4133" is impressed-stamped, as well as "GRAY NICKEL CHROME"

Image of 1991.021.014 - Tester, Magneto and Coil

1991.021.014 - Tester, Magneto and Coil

Electrical tester for starter and generator armature coils, 1930s. This armature tester has a greyish-blue, metal exterior with a flat back, suggesting that it would be mounted on a wall. The tester is roughly rectangular, with some contoured and raised areas. On the front is a gauge printed with white, red, and black, surrounded by a brown metal plate. The gauge measures from 0 to 60 amperes. Below the gauge is a thumb switch marked with "Coil Output Growler" and "Ground Test." Beside the thumb switch is a convex light marked with "Ground Indicator." A small orange and silver plate is engraved with product and manufacturer's information, including "Model AT-2," "Serial number 133," and "1

Image of 1991.021.015 - Wrench, Monkey

1991.021.015 - Wrench, Monkey

Adjustable auto wrench, c. 1916. This wrench has a flat, straight shank and adjustable jaws. The end of the shank is rounded. "1" is impressed on one side.

Image of 1992.029.003 - Switch

1992.029.003 - Switch

Dodge Bros. Ignition Switch. The switch has a circular face decorated with concentric circles and has three circular attachment holes around the rim. In the middle is a silvertone metal handle, that can be set to either "ON," "OFF," or "DIM." The switch handle appears to have a keyhole, although the key is likely no longer extant. The back of the switch is smaller in diameter, and made out of a light brown material (pressed fibreboard?) that is tabbed in place. Various pieces of hardware are attached, including several screws and room for plugs. The back piece is stamped with "HEAD," COIL," "BAT.," "REAR," and "10336." Manufactured by CLUM, Milwaukee.

Image of 1993.013.001 - Heater, Block

1993.013.001 - Heater, Block

Radiative-type automotive engine block heater, No. H33, 300 watts, manufactured by STANDARD APPLIANCE...Toronto, Canada, 1940s item. 330 watts, 115 volts There is a white ceramic insulator within, with horizontal wire coils on it. The insulator has "STANDARD" embossed. The casing of the heater is beige-coloured, with many circular fenestrations, to let the heat escape. There is a metal hook on the top of the casing. The plastic electric cord is black and has a two-pronged plug. Printed on the electric cord is "LEVITON SIZE EIGHTEEN TYPE HPN HEATER CORD." There is a black and silver adhesive label that reads "CAUTION / DO NOT HANG BY CORD / USE HOOK ONLY./ Hang cord end down." Impressed in t

Image of 1995.056.001 - Tire

1995.056.001 - Tire

SUPER-LASTIC automobile tire, 1940s. Serial number is 70619-77 cm in diameter, inside diameter is 40 cm, thickness is 18 cm. Embossed moulded lettering on both sides of the rubber. 7.00-10. "SUPER-LASTIC" "First Line" "MASTER" "SUPREME DELUXE GEARED TO THE ROAD". Manufactured by the Canadian Tire Corp., Toronto.

Image of 2008.026.001 - Lantern, Railroad

2008.026.001 - Lantern, Railroad

Railroad signal lantern made of black-finished metal, impressed with "G.T.R." [Grand Trunk Railway] and "PAT'D 1908". It has a colourless glass globe protected inside a wire guard. The top area of the lantern is embossed with "E. T. WRIGHT & C0. MFRS. HAMILTON-ONT." It is 27.5 cm high with its handle down, and the base's diameter is 18 cm.

Image of 2009.080.001 - Stretcher, Fence Wire

2009.080.001 - Stretcher, Fence Wire

Small chain binder. It has two thick hooks. It is made entirely of metal.

Image of 2011.032.001 - Can, Watering

2011.032.001 - Can, Watering

Vintage galvanized metal watering can. It has remnants of its red finish on the top area and on the pouring spout. The walls of the can are corrugated. There is a bail wire handle. The spout has a fine mesh inside it to prevent any debris from getting into the radiator. No lettering observed.