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Name Ricketts, George
Places of residence -Owen Sound, Grey County
Occupation Builder
Role Tradesperson
Children Gary Ricketts

Associated Records

Image of 1972.033.001 - Brace, Woodworking

1972.033.001 - Brace, Woodworking

Woodworker's brace (a 19th-c item). This is a hand tool used for drilling a hole into wood, using a centre bit, which would be inserted into the squarish socket end. The top of the brace has a convex and rounded all-metal pad (called the "Button", which is not a wooden one, as you often see on other ones). The previous owner did not give us a bit with this brace.

Image of 1972.033.002 - Chisel, Bench

1972.033.002 - Chisel, Bench

Two-inch-wide metal chisel.

Image of 2007.021.001abc - Plane, Rabbet

2007.021.001abc - Plane, Rabbet

Woodworker's AUBURN TOOL CO. 1 and 1/2 inch wide plane. Item has a plain, rectangular stock, with very subtle shaping at the sides. It is made of an unidentified wood. The cutting iron is still present, still held in with a broken wooden wedge. The plane is flat-soled. Impressed on the top of the toe end is a maker's mark. The first line is curved above an impressed star motif. "AUBURN TOOL CO. / AUBURN. N.Y."

Image of 2007.021.002 - Gauge, Marking

2007.021.002 - Gauge, Marking

Woodworker's scriber (marking gauge) used to measure and make marks on wood. The "fence" has a decorative cut-out brass piece affixed, but has no lettering. No maker's name observed. The fence wood is rectangular, but slightly curved on two sides. The tool is impressed with gradations from 1 to 3 inches. Gauge is factory-made. It has one brass thumb screw present at the end. The other end has 2 pin-like protrusions (called "spurs") which flank a rectangular opening, which is closed with brass. On the other side of this end is a single spur. These sharp steel points mark the wood. There is a knurled adjustment screw at the fence which has a hexagonal socket at its top. The wood has a

Image of 2007.021.003 - Gauge, Marking

2007.021.003 - Gauge, Marking

Woodworker's scriber (marking gauge). This particular scriber will double scribe. This tool has two brass thumbscrews and two inlayed pieces of brass. There is a brass plate with two flat, slotted screws (brass plating was added to resist wear). The tool is factory-made, and has an impressed mark that can be partially read, near one of the thumbscrews: "G. S. ME..." There is a brass plate near the one inch mark that has a tiny projecting pin (known as a "spur"), which would be made of steel. The wood of the tool might be beech wood, which was often used by British gauge makers. The wood is impressed with gradations from one to six inches. The tool has a "wood slide" for adjusting it.