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Name Sutherland, Anne
Born 06/11/1832
Birthplace Caithness, Scotland
Places of residence Caithness, Sutherlandshire, Scotland
Caithness, Scotland (Sutherlandshire)
Sydenham Township, Grey County, Ontario (1901 census at Lot 6, Concession 11)
Was at Concession 10 before her passing in 1914
Father Alexander Sutherland
Mother Christina Sutherland (neƩ Gunn)
Nationality Scottish-Canadian
Notes Anne Sutherland came to Canada from Sutherlandshire, Scotland. The Sutherlands emigrated in 1841, and settled in Sydenham Township, Grey County. There is a small group of 19th-century cased photographs that show some of the family. 1965.011.007 show Anne's parents, Alexander and Christina Sutherland (nee Gunn). 1965.011.008 shows Anne's sisters, Wilhemina and Catherine Sutherland

In the 1851 census of Sydenham, "Alexr." Sutherland had two hundred acres at Lot 6, Concession 11, thirty-five of which were then under cultivation.

Anne did not marry. Circa 1860, she hand-made various articles, and one of her quilts made in that time period still survives. She used a book pattern in order to create a colourful "Mariner's Compass" appliqued quilt, which was later passed down to a grand-niece, M. Elizabeth (Beth) Locke of Owen Sound.

Anne Sutherland is present in a family group photograph (1965.011.003) She is left, in the back row. [NOTE: 2014, this image does not seem to be in the archives, is it renumbered?. Does the image still exist?]

Her brother was Donald Sutherland, the older son of Alexander and Christina Sutherland (nee Gunn). Donald had six sisters: [ADD THEIR NAMES]. There was another brother, John Sutherland, who was born in Canada. The family had a Gaelic Bible and Testament, so they likely still spoke the Gaelic when they emigrated to Canada. Donald Sutherland later kept their Gaelic Bible ( 1965.011.001) and their Gaelic Testament (1965.011.002). Donald is shown in a photo with his sister Wilhemina, see the small cased photo (ambrotype or daguerrotype) that records Donald and Wilhemina posed together (1965.011.005).

A group of young ladies in a Sunday School photograph (somehow related to the S.S.#10 Sydenham School) (1965.011.004), had significance to the family. It is an early 20th-century image. Perhaps it includes a niece?

In the 1901 census of Sydenham Township, John Sutherland was the head of the household at Lot 6, Concession 11. He was born March 9, 1842 (in Ontario) and was age 59. He worked as a Sawyer. There was no wife listed with him, but two of his sisters resided with him at that time. One was "Ann" Sutherland, b. June 11, 1832, age 68, who was born in Scotland. The census records that she emigrated in 1841. Their sister, Williamina Sutherland, was born May 10, 1837 in Scotland and was 63. She too had emigrated in 1841. Residing with them was a niece, Ann S. Gordon, who was born in Ontario December 31, 1868 (32 years old). The family had an 18-year-old farm labourer residing with them, George McArthur (b. Feb. 20, 1883).

There were other Sutherlands residing in Sydenham at other locations. Some Sutherlands are also buried in McLean's Cemetery in Sydenham.

Anne Sutherland passed away in Sydenham on August 24, 1914. Her sister Wilhemina reported her death. At the time, Anne was residing along Concession 10, and Wilhemina's address was recorded as RR#6 Owen Sound (Sydenham Township).

Anne Sutherland was buried at _________________.

It appears that her niece Annie S. Gordon inherited the farm? Annie married Walter Locke. On October 3, 1905, they had twin girls born to them at Lot 6, Concession 11. One was Mary Elizabeth Locke (Beth Locke), who later resided at Owen Sound.

Walter Locke passed away in 1949 (age 86) and is buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Owen Sound. Annie S. Locke passed away in 19__.
Occupation Victorian Needleworker / Quilter
Publications Ontario Death Record 014384
Relationships Great-Niece: M. Elizabeth Locke (Beth Locke) of Owen Sound, Grey County
Brother: John Sutherland (b. 1842)
Brother: Donald Sutherland
Sister: Wilhemina / Williamina Sutherland (b. 1837)
Sister: Catherine Sutherland (m. George McDonald)
Niece: Ann S. Gordon (b. 1868). Annie married Walter Locke.
Grandniece: Mary Elizabeth (Beth) Locke of Owen Sound
Spouse n/a
Children n/a

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Image of 1965.011.009 - Quilt, Bed

1965.011.009 - Quilt, Bed

This appliqued quilt on white ground with a large appliqued compass motif is known as the "Mariner's Compass" pattern. It consists of coloured pieces cut into triangles. Colours used in the quilt are yellow, red, blue, teal and burnt umber (orange-brown with a hint of red). Around the central compass motif is a large circle consisting of four rows of triangles (blue, red, yellow, blue). The background colour is an off-white, same with the binding. In each corner there are pieces arranged to create a circle with blue triangles radiating out and a red circle in the center. The border consists of alternating triangles pieced together with a square in each corner. This quilt has a First Natio

Image of 1965.011.012 - Handkerchief

1965.011.012 - Handkerchief

Lady's white linen handkerchief with lace and a fine net border. It is a Victorian item, made by Miss Anne Sutherland.

Image of 1965.011.015 - Holder, Watch

1965.011.015 - Holder, Watch

Cross-stitched watch or needle holder? Is is in the shape of a vertical irregular hexagon (six sided) with longer side edges than top and bottom edges. Main ground is ecru or beige coloured. Back textile is pink silk taffeta.