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Name Wilson, John
Places of residence RR#2, Tara, Ontario
Notes There was a Mrs. John Wilson, c. 1957, who had resided at RR#2 Tara, Ontario. This was in _______Township. She had a connection to a Mrs. John Cook.
Spouse __________, m. 1___

Associated Records

Image of 1957.032.002ab - Press, Butter

1957.032.002ab - Press, Butter

Round wooden butter mold of two parts with a strawberry and leaf design.

Image of 1957.032.003 - Scoop, Butter

1957.032.003 - Scoop, Butter

Wooden butter ladle. No maker's identification present on this piece, which is made out of one piece of wood. It is hand-carved, perhaps out of walnut wood? The ladle has a wide and shallow area, slightly square, and thinner (tapers) as it approaches its edge. The handle is the extension of this area, and is rectangular, with a curved back. The handle ends with a carved "V"-shaped hook.

Image of 1957.032.004 - Press, Butter

1957.032.004 - Press, Butter

One wooden, round shaped, stamp-type butter decorator or press or stamp. Dark wood with a rounded handle and a beech leaf design on the bottom. The handle is knob-style, and would be hand-held.

Image of 1957.032.006 - Mug, Shaving

1957.032.006 - Mug, Shaving

Man's squat, glazed, ceramic shaving mug (stoneware china?) is white and decorated with green/ blue/ yellow/ mauve/ brown "grapes & leaves" on either side. The top has half of its circumference blocked with a perforated ceramic tray (has five draining holes). There is an ear-shaped handle. The top and bottom edges of the mug are uneven in their shape. A faded transfer-printed stamp on the underside reads "Made in Bavaria".

Image of 1957.032.007 - Embroidery, Punched Paper

1957.032.007 - Embroidery, Punched Paper

Framed piece of petit point embroidery on punched paper reading "He Leadth Me". There is a foil backing to show behind the perforations.

Image of 1957.032.008 - Embroidery, Punched Paper

1957.032.008 - Embroidery, Punched Paper

Framed piece of petit point embroidery on punched paper reading "Come ye Sinners Poor and Needy". The text is in a variegated thread of reds and purples. The rest of the design is made from green thread. A backing material has been covered in foil in behind the embroidery so that existing holes show a bit of silver through them and catch the light.

Image of 1957.032.009 - Wreath, Floral

1957.032.009 - Wreath, Floral

A feather and wire floral wreath in a wooden shadowbox. The wreath is open-topped and a separate floral arrangement exists at the centre of the display. The wreath is composed largely of faux lilies and peonies in a variety of colours, along with green leaves also fabricated from feathers. Some petals exhibit a spotted pattern. A few of the pistils have been simulated using crinkled paper. Dried ornamental grass has been added to the central arrangement. Pearl like items were used to recreate one flower toward the top of the central bouquet. The background of the shadowbox is a black velvet fabric. The frame is divided by a groove into an area of dark wood around the outer edge and an inner a

Image of 1957.032.013 - Wringer, Clothes

1957.032.013 - Wringer, Clothes

ANCHOR hand-operated clothes wringer. The wooden frame lost its stencilled lettering and finish in the Febrary 8, 2001, storage fire. The rubber rollers are now damaged. The detachable wringer is designed with clamps. The handle has a curvation to its shank. It also has a wooden grip. Since 2001, the wringer has been attached to a wooden-tubbed washing machine from another donor (see 1983.087.001).

Image of 1957.032.014 - Embroidery, Punched Paper

1957.032.014 - Embroidery, Punched Paper

Framed petit point embroidery on punched paper. The text reads "Peace! Be Still!" The 's' in `still has an anchor behind it. The frame has a glass pane and a wooden backing.

Image of 1957.032.015 - Press, Butter

1957.032.015 - Press, Butter

The handle, or press part of a wooden, rectangular, six-grooved butter press (three on each long side). It is missing one screw.