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Object ID # 1959.002.064
Object Name Quilt, Bed
Other Name Quilt, Signature
Title Ebenezer Ladies' Aid Quilt (1916)
Lexicon category 2: Building Furnishings
Date March, 1916
Year Range from 1916
Year Range to 1916
Made Ebenezer Ladies' Aid
Place of Origin Euphrasia Township (formerly), Municipality of Grey Highlands, Grey County
Description Red and white cotton signature quilt / name quilt with red or pink embroidery stitching on a white cotton ground and a relatively wide red binding. It contains 419 names. It is made up of small square blocks (8.5 cm x 9 cm). There are 20 squares across the top and bottom and 18 squares from top to bottom. There are 15 squares missing in the centre, due to the prescence of the title block. Each square has a name or pair of names in its middle. There is an embroidered illustration of crossed flags to the left (and above) the title, which is "Euphrasia Ladies' Aid, Eleventh Line Euphrasia, March, 1916". The red border is embroidered with overlapping half circles of running stitch, done in ivory-coloured thread. The reverse side of the quilt is plain
Pictures are taken of four blocks in one where the names create a diamond shape instead of taking a picture of each small block.
Block 1: Bella McAteer, Mr. T. Hambly, Mr. C. Storey, Miss V. McCullough.
Block 2: Mrs. Pledger, Mr. Robert Sparling, Mr. Mrs. H. E. Parker, Mrs. W. Spachman.
Block 3: Mr. Mrs. M. Patton, Mr. Mrs. J. Bowler, Mr. Mrs. T. G. Proud, Mr. A. King.
Block 4: Mr. A. S. Rennie, Mrs. J. Tait, Mr. Mrs. Jebb Rennie, Miss Izzie Wood.
Block 5: Mr. & Mrs. J. Burchall, Mr. Mrs. J. W. Murray, Clair Walters, Myrtle E. Murray.
Block 6: Carl Rennie, Mr. W. Spachman, Laura Adams, Mr. Mrs. Jas. Watson.
Block 7: Miss Edna Walters, Mr. Mrs. J. Gilbert, Edna Murray, Mr. & Mrs. Alex Abercrombie.
Block 8: Gracie Murray, Kathleen McKenzie, Mrs. C. Sutherland, Mrs. W. Muxlow.
Block 9: Mrs. W. J. Murray, Miss Ellen Wood, Mr. Mrs. John Bowler, Mr. Mrs. H. Rennie.
Block 10: Emerald Hepburn, Mr. Mrs. Vic Ellis, Walter Henry, Mr. M. Ferris.
Block 11: Mr. Mrs. J. Bell, Mr. Mrs. N. Rennie, Mr. Ed Johnston, Miss L. Wright.
Block 12: Mr. Mrs. J. Stewart, Mr. W. King, Mr. Mrs. A. Burgess, Mr. R. Shepherdson.
Block 13: Raymond Rennie, Mrs. R. Wood, Mr. Wm. Hannah, Mr. W. Burgess.
Block 14: Mr. Mrs. Jas. Manary, Miss N. S. Batty, Myrt McKenzie, Mr. Mrs. W. Caswell.
Block 15: Mr. Mrs. Jos. Erskine, Miss M. Saunders, Mrs. J. M. Davis, Mr. V. Tait.
Block 16: Mr. Mrs. W. T. Ellis, Miss S. Burgess, Mr. Mrs. J. Speck?, Mrs. G. Woyce.
Block 17: Mr. & Mrs. A. Kirkpatrick, Mr. Mrs. T. Dixon, Mr. W. Grummit, Miss E. McCullough.
Block 18: J. S. Cockburn, Robert Dixon, Mrs. J. Kirkpatrick, Miss M. Sparling.
Block 19: Chester Elford, Mr. T. Barker, Mr. & Mrs. A. Parker, Miss M. Wright.
Block 20: Mr. Jack Craven, Mr. E. Shepherdson, Miss Minola Parker, Mr. Mrs. H. Caswell.
Block 21: Mrs. H. Bonnell, Mrs. Henry Murray, Mr. J. Manning, Mr. A. Wood.
Block 22: Mr. Mrs. P. Sparling, Jack Sparling, Mr. Adam Rennie, Mr. J. Sutherland.
Block 23: Mr. Wm. Bonnell, Mr. Mrs. W. Storey, Mr. & Mrs. B. Smith, Mr. Russel Storey.
Block 24: Marjorie Proud, Harvey Walters, Mrs. Jas. Taylor, Grace Henry.
Block 25: In Memory of Rev. Mrs. T. Rennie, Miss Eva Daudy, Mr. Watson Thompson, Russel Freeborn.
Block 26: Mr. & Mrs. John Steer, L. Shepherdson, Mrs. Jas. Delree, Mr. S. J. Caswell.
Block 27: Mr. Mrs. J. Laycock, Franklin Curry, Sam Hamill, Winnie Jenner.
Block 28: Ernest Ptolemy, Gordon Murray, Willie Rennie, Mrs. J. Parker.
Block 29: Stardish Ennie, John Frescott, John Murray, Mr. Mrs. R. Howey.
Block 30: M. Shepherdson, Mrs. J. Adams?, Miss I. Burgess, Mr. C Baxtor.
Block 31: Mr. Mrs. E. Elford, Willis Muxlow, Mr. J. Patterson, Mr. G. Grummit.
Block 32: Chester Grummit, Miss G. Wilson, Mr. Elmer Smith, Pearle Patterson.
Block 33: Mrs. R. Rogers, Mr. S. Wood, Ivan Sparling, Willie Cranx.
Block 34: Mr. & Mrs. Dr. Miller, Mr. A. C. Paterson, Agnes Smith, Mr. B. Taylor.
Block 35: Percy Johnson, Mr. H. Johnston.
Block 36: Mr. Mrs. T. Storey, Mrs. John Wilson.
Block 37: Mrs. C. Day, John Wood, Mr. J. Johnston, Mr. C. Day.
Block 38: Cora Day, James Lepard, Connie Rodgers, Mr. & Mrs. Cicero Day.
Block 39: Mrs. E. Johnston, Miss E. Silverthorn, Mr. G. Johnson, Mr. Dick Wood.
Block 40: Mr. Mrs. C. Greenaway, Mr. G. Silverthorn, Lawrence Sparling, C. F. Ramsey.
Block 41: Mr. & Mrs. J. Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. R. Sparling, Mr. & Mrs. W. Ellis, Mrs. D. Wyborn.
Block 42: Mr. B. Carney, Miss H. Patterson, Mr. P. Page, Mrs. G. Reid.
Block 43: Miss I. Craig, Miss S. D?nt, Mr. & Mrs. D. E. Patterson, Mr. & Mrs. A. Day.
Block 44: Mr. and Mrs. Ben Silverthorn, Mr. & Mrs. T. Francis, Mrs. W. White, Mr. & Mrs. P. Loblaw.
Block 47: Miss S. Geddins, Mrs. Wm. Merchant, Mr. & Mrs. R. Gibson, Lorne E. Moore.
Block 48: Maude Ennie, Mr. G. Curry, Miss J. McEachin, Hazel Patterson.
Block 49: Mrs. J. McEachin, Florence Smith, Mr. & Mrs. J. Yeadell, Mr. Alex Patterson.
Block 50: Hazel Smith, Will Yeadell, Mr. & Mrs. W. Lemon, Mr. & Mrs. D. Patterson.
Block 51: Effie Neely, Percy Hepburn, Master Eric Jenner, Ruby J. Moore.
Block 52: Miss H. Hodgkinson, In Memory of J. M. Davis, Maggie Kirkpatrick, Elvie Rennie.
Block 53: Ester Howey, Mr. B. Barkley, Miss M. Caswell, Mr. W. J. Baxter.
Block 54: Miss S. Ma?ey, Orla Kirkpatrick, Elsie Jenner, Mr. Jas. Murray.
Block 55: Mr. A. Taylor, Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Jenner.
Block 56: Mrs. Williamson, Mr. H. Douglas, Mrs. & Mrs. Jas. Murray.
Block 57: Mr. E. E. Gordon, Pearl Silverthorn, Mr. & Mrs. Y. Curry, Mr. S. Silverthorn.
Block 58: Mabel Curry, Ethel Murray, Mr. Mrs. John Breadner, Lulu Francis.
Block 59: Beatrice Curry, Lorne Dixon, Bertrom A. Parker, Mrs. Thomas Barker.
Block 60: Carman Curry, Mr. Mrs. E. Wilson, Mr. W. Kallistine, Mr. Mrs. W. Sparling.
Block 61: Miss May Sparling, Marjorie Curry, DaLisle Rennie, Gordon Neely.
Block 62: Mr. & Mrs. H. W. Woles, Mr. Mrs. S. Abercrombie, Bert Rodger, Mr. Mrs. F. Abercrombie.
Block 63: Mr. A. Wood, Mr. & Mrs. T. Neely, Miss E. Rodgers, Mr. Robt Williamson.
Block 64: Mr. M. Patton, Elsie A. Murray, Mr. & Mrs. E. Kirkpatrick, Rev. T. Rennie.
Block 65: C. J. Rodger, Russel Spek, Marion Sparling, Mary E. Murray.
Block 66: Mr. Mrs. H. Kirkpatrick, In Memory of J. S. Abercrombie, Mr. W. Sutherland, Mr. Mrs. Wm. Walters.
Block 67: Mr. W. Ptolemy, Mr. T. Pilkery, Mrs. Wm. Shier, Miss D. Tait.
Block 68: Mrs. Wes. Shiek, Elmer W. Ellis, Miss M. Wood, Gertie Shepherdson.
Block 69: Miss A. Marshman, W. Shepherdson, Miss H. Batty, Mr. & Mrs. J. Cockburn.
Block 70: Airel W. Ellis, Margret Howey, Miss F. Sparling, Mr. Shepherdson.
Block 71: Mrs. D. McClean, Mr. W. A. Taylor, Annie L. Murray, Mr. & Mrs. Thos. Sting.
Block 72: Mr. Mrs. Levi Pattage, Nettie Johnston, Mr. Mrs. Ted Taylor, Beatrice Thompson.
Block 73: Miss F. Abercrombie, Sam Saunders, Mr. & Mrs. S. M. Walters, Miss A. Patton.
Block 74: Mrs. Henry Murray, John Wood, Clara Silverthorn, Miss D. McClean.
Block 75: Mr. & Mrs. A. Williamson, Marion Thompson, Mr. & Mrs. Pte. F. Ellis, Sam Marshall.
Block 76: Mr. Mrs. Jas. Breadner, Mr. Rob King, Pearl Patterson, Vernon Perry.
Block 77: Mr. J. Hogkinson, Gordon Perry, Colin Baxter, Mr. Mrs. R. Rennie.
Block 78: Dorothy Patterson, Mr. E. Murray, Mr. Mrs. J. Patterson, Mr. Mrs. F. Olmstead.
Block 79: Lily Thompson O.S., Mr. and Mrs. Gordon, Cecil Rennie, Mr. Geo. Yeadall.
Block 80: Beatrice Rennie, Mr. Mrs. R. A. Rennie, Jean Rennie, Laurie Lyons.
Block 81: Mr. S. Murray, Mr. W. Davis, Mrs. H. R. Woodley, Mr. F. Clark.
Block 82: Mr. W. H. Woodley, Mrs. F. Clark, Grace Woodley, Mr. Mrs. J. Armstrong.
Block 83: Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Clugston, Dalton Palmer, Mr. Mrs. H. Houghard, Mr. H. Story.
Block 84: Mr. H. May, Elaine F. Ellis, Miss M. Mower, Mr. Fred Curry.
Block 85: Elmore Armstrong, Herb Patton, Mr. E. Moore, Mr. & Mrs. P. Smith.
Block 86: Ross Muxlow, Miss Mary Hussey, Clayton Cranx, Alex Baxter.
Block 87: Mr. J. Kirkpatrick, Milton Moore, Elsie Reid, Mrs. Fred Curry.
Block 88: Jessie McIntosh, Mrs. H. Breadner, Mrs. R. Adams, Maurice Clark.
Block 89: Clifford Bassett, Arnold Bowler, Mr. A. Atcheson, Stella Murray.
Block 90: Mr. E. Seabrooke, Charlie Seabrooke, Mrs. H. Taylor, L. M. Paterson.
Makers mark Embroidered
Provenance This name quilt was made in March of 1916 by the Ebenezer Ladies' Aid group, at the "Eleventh Line" (Concession 11) of Euphrasia Township, Grey County. This quilt was made as a fund-raiser during the Great War (First World War). Various groups, such as Red Cross groups, school groups and church groups, made quilts like this. People in a community could subscribe to the quilt, and for a fee (usually ten cents) could have his or her name added to it. After the quilt was completed, it was usually raffled off and the proceeds added to the fund-raising effort. This particular quilt was purchased by Mr. George I. Reid of Euphrasia Township. Later owned by Jean Reid (née Givens) who resided in Owen Sound, Grey County for many years.
Collection Textiles, Bedding Collection
Material Cotton/Embroidery Thread/Thread/Dye
Dimensions W-165.5 L-182 cm
Found Owen Sound, Grey County
People Reid, Jean
Reid, George Inglis
Yeadell, Will
Sparling, Robert
Lepard, James S.
Merchant, William
Ptolemy, Ernest
Subjects Quilts
Quilting bees
World War I (First World War/The Great War)
Fund raising
Search Terms Ebenezer Ladies' Aid
Euphrasia Township